USC Health Plans

USC Senior Care – A Supplemental Plan to Medicare for University Retirees

What is USC Senior Care, and why is it important?

USC Senior Care is a supplemental Medicare plan available to University retirees. USC Senior Care can help mitigate the costs of Medicare deductibles, making medical care more affordable.


  • No authorizations or pre-approvals required.
  • No physical exam required for membership.
  • Premium is not dependent on age, locality or health condition.
  • 2022 monthly premiums are $224 per person.


  • Choose any doctor in the nation that accepts Medicare assignment.
  • No co-payments or additional deductibles if you receive services exclusively from Keck Medicine of USC physicians and USC affiliated hospitals.
  • After you have met your $200 deductible, you will pay 2% of Medicare Allowable for non-Keck Medicine of USC providers.

Additional Benefits

  • Foreign travel emergency medical coverage.
  • Automatic enrollment in dental and vision benefits – no additional cost.